Who are the Christadelphians?

The Christadelphians (meaning "brothers in Christ") are a group of people associated together by a common belief in the things concerning the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ. We are a worldwide community whose aim is to follow as closely as possible the teaching & example of Jesus Christ, as recorded in the Bible.

Locating Us

You can find the Christadelphians gathering in 9 locations around metropolitan Perth, as well as in smaller groups in some of the regional towns and cities. We also operate both a school, and a retirement village.


Bible Prophecy & Current Events

- M. Hyndman

Living on Borrowed TimeAfter buying a company worth twenty-seven billion dollars, Warren Buffet was asked in an interview why he manages his diary so meticulously. Buffet explained that he manages his time with the utmost care, because; “I can buy anything I want, but I ca [Read More]

- M. Hyndman

Putin says ‘sorry cant help’ to Israel and invites Iran to Israels border.For so long, Israel’s Prime Minister has warned Iran about crossing the ‘red line’ – an ultimatum which has characterised most of Netanyahu’s tenure as PM. His warnings were issued to Iran with a tone of profound confidence and proclaimed at the high [Read More]

- M. Hyndman

Israel alarmed as Russian military moves 5km from Israel’s borderA couple of weeks earlier, we reported that Russia had moved troops within 85 kilometres of Israels border and we thought this was close! Well in the last few days, Russian troops have now moved 5 Kilometres from Israels border where they plan to sta [Read More]


Gospel Truth Blog

Let no man deceive you In the Bible, in the second epistle of Thessalonians we come across a fascinating prophecy. The apostle Paul compelled by God’s spirit in this letter is caused to predict the future and warn true believers … Continued [Read More]


Living Faith

...it is they that bear witness about me... [Read More]

The parable of the Good Samaritan [Read More]

A false dilemma [Read More]


Correspondence Course

This basic step by step online Bible Correspondence Course called "Exploring the Bible" is designed to assist you to gain the confidence and comfort that comes from being able to read and understand the Bible for yourself.

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