For Children

Christadelphian ecclesias typically run Sunday School programs for children. These programs teach the stories of the Bible through song, craft, cooking and play whilst building confidence and encouraging older children to study and think for themselves.

Most of the Christadelphian Ecclesias in Perth are members of the Christadelphian Sunday School Association (CSSA). This program is structured around a five year cycle of lessons that take students through the entirety of the Bible. As the students get older, the lessons increase in complexity.

Our Sunday School programs are provided entirely free, and you are welcome to enrol your children at any time. The stories of the Bible form a integral part of Australia’s cultural heritage and as an Sydney academic recently suggested:

even aside from matters of faith, a working knowledge of the Bible, and a critical skill in interpreting it, remain extremely useful.”

Sunday School activities also provide a fantastic opportunity for mothers and children of immigrant communities to learn and practice their written and spoken English in a supportive environment.

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