End of Year Studies

Perth End of Years studies began in 1999 to bring the Perth ecclesias together, encourage interstate visitors and begin the new year motivated by our fellowship around God’s word. Details of the upcoming EOYs is available on the following website:


End of Years Study Archive


Hebrews 11: Living Faith

Phil Perry
  1. Living Faith – The Challenge
  2. The Faith that Pleases
  3. Faith’s Commitment
  4. Faith’s Shocks
  5. Faith’s Conquerors & Faith’s Sufferers
  6. Faith’s Greatest
Show Me Your Faith (Youth Camp)


Climbing, Mountains, Conquering Cities, Crossing Rivers

Finding God
Jonathan Clover
  1. Samuel
  2. Saul
  3. Jonathan
  4. David
2 Timothy: A Survival Guide for Perilous Times (Busselton Camp)


Elijah & Elisha – Bruce Bates