This study comprises approximately 60 studies presented by bro Nath Schipper at several Perth ecclesias. Beginning in 2001 and recorded in both cassette tape and digital format a complete set of mp3 recordings doesn’t exist, but studies will be added as they located or digitised.

01 – Acts 1v1-12 – The Ongoing Work of Christ
02 – Acts 1v13-26 – Just 120
03 – Acts 2 – The Biggest Pentecost in History
04 – Acts 2v13-47 – A Powerful Message
05 – Acts 2v31-47
06 – Acts 3v1-15
07 – Acts 4v23-37 – Where do you stand with God?

[Chapters 5 – 16 are currently in cassette form with the Ascot ecclesia. These studies will be delivered at Eastern Suburbs ecclesia over the next few years.]

Acts 17v10-34 – On Tour with Paul
Acts 18 – Corinth: City of Experience
Acts 18v10-23 – On the Road with Paul
Acts 19v1-20 – Planting with Paul
Acts 19v11-23 – The Ephesus Experience
Acts 19v23-20v12 – Paul v EMWU at Solidarity Park
Acts 20v13-32 – Goodbye and Good Luck
Acts 20v28-21 – The Beginning of the End
Acts 20v1-24 – Preaching with Paul
Acts 21v18-30 – James, Jaziz or Paul
Acts 21v27-22v21 – Paul’s Personal Story
Acts 21v8-20 – Its all God or its not
Acts 22v17-30 – I’m with you
Acts 24 – How to Handle Criticism
Acts 24 – Your Convenient Season
Isaiah 64 – Changing Lives is the Fathers Business