Brief Background

Ascot Ecclesia commenced in July 2001 and met at the Redcliffe Hall, Redcliffe, Western Australia.  An unexpected decision by the local Council to demolish the Redcliffe Hall, saw us move to temporary premises in August 2003.  At this time we commenced the search for more suitable accommodation and eventually located the property at 234-236 Epsom Avenue, Belmont, less than 1km from the halls we have rented over the past 3 years.

Hall Purchase & Renovation

After almost six months of waiting for approvals from Government and Local Council, we commenced renovation work on 13 March 2004.  This website contains photos of the renovation work that led to our first Memorial Meeting being held on 13 August.  We are very appreciative of those in Perth & interstate who have assisted us in the renovations, by giving their time, skilled labor and donation of equipment.  We also are very thankful to those individuals & ecclesias throughout the world who have contributed financially & by offering their prayers for the success of this work.

It is our prayer that with the blessing of our Heavenly Father, this new hall will become a bright lightstand in these last days.  Our first Learn to Read the Bible Effectively seminar series commenced on 31 August 2004 with 3 attendees.  Now at week nine, we have 9 friends coming along – the initial three have spread the word for us!  We look forward to the time when the permanent place of worship for all people will be a reality in the earth and when spreading the gospel message will result in all people coming to Jerusalem to worship the God of Heaven.

Photo Gallery


Front of Hall
Looking down driveway between the two buildings to extra carparking out the back.




Hall Plans




Plan of Existing Building at Purchase Date (Left) – Built in the 1970’s and previously used as an office building.  Many repairs needed.  Approx 18m length & 16m width. Plan of Hall after Renovations (Right) – Council requirements included remodeling of the bathroom facilities & front entrance area for disabled access, addition of exit lights & signage and fire escape doors. We have demolished many partitions & added a kitchen. The main hall provides ample seating for 80-100 people. Strata Block Landscaping Plan for Council (Left) – Council approval was also conditional on us implementing a suitable landscaping & reticulation plan for the entire block. Units 2&3 on the right are offices owned by the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers.



Demolition of Partitions on RHS of Building (Right)
View from front entry doorway.  The back right is to be the new kitchen area.demo_rhs




Demolition of Partitions on LHS of Building (Left)

View down ‘main hall’ from ‘platform area’.  At this stage it was a little hard to visualise the actual size of the main hall!

A number of partitions were kept intact for use elsewhere (Right).

cleanupThe clean up never stops!

Cutting in Access Door for Chairman / Speaker (Right)
This photo looks towards the front foyer area.  The access door has been inserted immediately to the left of the main entrance doors.


tofrontTile Cleaning (Left)
Second hand floor tiles needed the cement removed before use – a big job!

Main Hall & Platform (Right)
Looking to platform located at front lhs of building.  Side walls have been gyprocked and spray painted.



Back Garden (Left)
The entire back ‘garden’ was removed, including tree stumps and rubble.  This is to be grassed for children’s play area.

Carpet Tiles
The old carpets were removed and >1,500 second hand carpet tiles purchased.










First Memorial Meeting (13 August 2004)

Members & visitors present at opening Memorial Meeting. Renovations not yet entirely completed, but enough to obtain the required Council approvals.  These chairs were obtained free from a boys school.