Commencing in 2001, the Combined Weekend is an annual event that brings together the members of Perth’s eight Christadelphian ecclesias for a weekend around the word of God. In addition, a number travel to the city from country regions.

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“Zedekiah” – Michael Wolstencroft
  1. A Rebellious House
  2. A Turning, but not to God
  3. Afraid to Change
  4. The End is Come (Exhortation)
  5. Zedekiah’s Legacy


Surviving in the Last Days – Rod Dawson
  1. The Biggest Danger
  2. The Love of Many Shall Wax Cold
  3. How Long oh Lord
  4. Exhortation
  5. Faithful and Wise Servants (Matt 24)


“The Kingdom of Men” – Neville Clark
  1. The Establishment of the Kingdom of Men (Daniel 2)
  2. The Religious phase of the Kingdom of Men (Daniel 7)
  3. The Hostility of the Kingdom of Men (Daniel 8)
  4. The Purpose of Prophecy (Exhort) (Daniel 1)
  5. The Military Phase of the Kingdom of Men (Daniel 11) [Powerpoint]


“Be Ye Transformed” (Romans 12-15) – Jeff Johnson

  1. A Living Sacrifice
  2. Our Responsibilities in Christ
  3. Let us not Judge, but edify one another
  4. Let every one of us please his neighbour
  5. Ecclesial Helpers and the need for unity
  6. The Challenge of living the Truth in a modern world
  7. Exhortation

[These recording are of the same studied, but taken from the Terra Nova Bible School]