Perth End of Years studies began in 1999 as a way of bring the Perth ecclesias together, encourage interstate visitors and begin the new year motivated by our fellowship around God’s word. Details of the upcoming EOYs is available on the following website:

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Joshua: Climbing Mountains, Conquering Cities, Crossing Rivers – Steve Mansfield
  1. Joshua 1:1-9 (Exhortation)
  2. Go Forward in Faith! [PPT]
  3. Get Back Up! [PPT]
  4. Be Vigilant! [PPT]
  5. Joshua 10:1-14 (Exhortation)
  6. Keen on Battling on! [PPT]


“Follow in His Steps” (1 Peter) – Simon Dodson
  1. To the Elect Aliens
  2. The Fiery Trial (Exhortation)
  3. A Chosen Generation
  4. Be Not Afraid
  5. He cares for you


Noah: The Saving of the House – Sam Bailey
  1. Born with a Purpose [PPT]
  2. Walking in Obedience [PPT]
  3. Trusting in Mercy [PPT]
  4. Waiting in Faith [PPT]
  5. Established in Love [PPT]
  6. Warning from Noah [PPT]
2 Timothy: A Survival Guide for Perilous Times (Busselton Camp)
  1. Guard the Truth [PPT]
  2. Hold Fast the Faith [PPT]
  3. Preach the Gospel [PPT]


Moses My Servant – Bruce Bates
  1. The Birth of Moses
  2. Exile in Midian (Exhort)
  3. Return to Egypt
  4. Whinging in the Wilderness
  5. Servant Leadership (Exhort)


Jehoshaphat – Jona Lawson
  1. A Soaring Start
  2. A Very Costly Alliance
  3. Devastating Defeat
  4. Responding to Rebuke
  5. Living with Consequences
  6. The Victory of Faith


main-bannerElijah & Elisha – Bruce Bates
“The Effectual Fervent Prayer of a Righteous Man Availeth Much”
  1. What Doest Thou Here Elijah?
  2. Where is Yahweh God of Elijah?
  3. Is There not Here a Prophet of Yahweh?
  4. What Has Thou in the House?
  5. Where Have You Been Gahazi?


Esther – Tim Badger


“Run for Your Life”- Craig Blewett


Life of Joseph – Rod Dawson
  1. The Decision we all Need to Make
  2. Standing by Our Decision
  3. Seeing the World for What it is
  4. Suffering Wrongfully
  5. The Joy of Faithful Preparation


“People Under Pressure” – Andrew Johns


“Inescapable Conclusions” – Matt Norton
  1. The Kingdom – Why You?
  2. God’s Expectations
  3. Prelude to the Kingdom
  4. Christ’s Return – Your Hearts’ Desire
  5. Facing Jesus Christ
  6. Who Wants to Live Forever?
  7. Armageddon Onwards


“John the Baptist” – John Martin
  1. Spirit and Power of Elijah
  2. A Man Sent from God (Exhortation)
  3. A Virgin will Conceive
  4. Elizabeth and Mary
  5. Zachariah’s Prayer of Thanksgiving
  6. The Day of His Showing unto Israel
  7. What Went Ye Out to See?