Many Christadelphians come together on a Wednesday evening study the Bible together. These mid-week Bible classes cover a variety of different Bible-based subjects, some samples of which are contained below:

Ongoing Bible Class Programs:

  • Ascot (Weekly)
  • Eastern Suburbs (fortnightly)
  • Perth Central (weekly)
  • Gosnells (weekly)
  • Foothills (fortnightly)


Bible Classes Archive


Acts of the Apostles (2001 – 2008)
This study comprises approximately 60 studies presented by Nath Schipper at several Perth ecclesias. Beginning in 2001 and recorded in both cassette tape and digital format a complete set of mp3 recordings doesn’t exist, but studies will be added as they located or digitised.

23 Studies Available

Studies in the Life of Gideon – bro Dan Jolly (Gosnells)

Class 1 – Gideon’s Reluctant Army
Class 2 – Barley Cakes & Hidden Torches
Class 3 – Some People Never Change
Class 4 – Bramble’s and Blessings (Exhortation)