Bible Talks

A selection of exhortations delivered in the Perth ecclesias are available on this website.


Bible Studies Online

Livonia Online Bible Class Library, or Livonia Tapes, was originally created by the Livonia Ecclesia in Detroit for the use of their own members, but has now become the largest collection of Christadelphian mp3s on the internet. We are now using Livonia Tapes to archive our own studies recorded here in Perth, and exhortations from the Perth Ecclesias are periodically posted to the exhortations page (scroll to the bottom of the page) (

thearchiveThe Archive is  a digital audio library established by members of the Moorestown Christadelphian Ecclesia and is being created from the stacks of virtually obsolete cassette tapes in the basement of the ecclesial hall. The tapes are a vast trove of excellent scriptural exposition from Christadelphian speakers, some of whom have fallen asleep. With the rise of the home computer, compact disc (CD) and portable digital music players, our once popular cassette tapes now tend to collect dust. To preserve these tape recordings and make them available to a new generation that’s equipped with the latest electronic tools, we have decided to digitize them (