Association of Australian Christadelphian Ecclesias
This is an inter-ecclesial body that represents more than 100 Christadelphian ecclesias in Australia. The Association is responsible for communicating the stance of the Christadelphians on relevant issues to the Government. This includes conscientious objection, voting & jury service. Christadelphian celebrants are also registered through the AACE. Internally, the AACE does not set Christadelphian, but it does prepare study papers on current matters of

Local Representative: bro Allan Harrison


The Christadelphian Support Networks of Australia
Over the past few years, Christadelphians in North America, the UK and Australia have set up confidential “Care Lines” to help members dealing with difficult personal issues, in STRICT confidence. The Australian Christadelphian Support Groups are based in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. These services deal provide confidential counsel and support for depression, abuse, addictions, marital issues etc.


Christadelphian Auxilary Lecturing Society


Australian Christadelphian Bible Mission