Christadelphian stimulate their Bible study, as well as their sense of fellowship and community with other believers worldwide, by subscribing to (and reading!) one or more of the periodicals circulating among the ecclesias.

Several can be especially recommended:


Lampstand Magazine
This is the main Christadelphian magazine for the Australian Ecclesias. It is published monthly contains ecclesial news, expositions, practical advice and exhortations. The ecclesial news and reports of most of the Perth Ecclesias are published through the Lampstand.

Annual subscription (12 issues) costs $48.
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Local Contact: Allan Harrison (Ascot)



The Christadelphian
The Christadelphian is a monthly magazine published for the Christadelphian community worldwide. It was started in 1864 by Robert Roberts under the initial title of The Ambassador of the Coming Age. In 1869, its title was changed to The Christadelphian, and it has been continuously published ever since.

Under 25s can subscribe to the magazine for $1.
Annual subscription (12 issues) costs $48
Available in both digital and print editions.



BM magazineThe Bible Missionary

Since 1956, The Bible Missionary has been reporting the work being down to preach the truth overseas. In July 2004 the magazine was relaunched by all three CBM organisations-CBM, ACBM & CBMA. The magazine is now published quarterly in full-colour with fieldworker reports in addition to news and articles from brethren and sisters in the mission fields.

Annual subscription (4 issues, full colour) costs $16
Local  Contact: Elizer York


Testimony magazineTestimony Magazine

The Testimony was established in 1931 as “a magazine for the study and defence of the Holy Scripture” and that remains its aim today. The magazine is divided into a number of sections: Exposition; Reviews; Exhortation; Watchman; Science; Principles, Preaching and Problems; Prophecy, History and Archaeology. The Testimony is published monthly and a normal issue consists of 36 pages. One issue per year is a Special Issue devoted to a particular theme and is normally double or more the size of an ordinary issue.

Annual subscription (12 issues) costs $48 (Student rate: $25)


The Bible Magazine
The Bible Magazine is a quarterly magazine featuring Bible prophecy and current events in the light of recent news and political developments.

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Annual subscription (4 issues, full colour) costs $24